Care & Durability

Ammolite is used in all forms of jewelry. Ammolite Naturals are relatively soft - about the same hardness as Opal. They are best used in brooches, pendants, or earrings. Rings should be made with Ammolite Triplets. Ammolite, like pearls, is made of aragonite and is delicate and so, many of the care and cleaning recommendations for pearls also apply to Ammolite. Ultrasonic and steam cleaners should never be used for Naturals; rather, a commercial pearl cleaner or a mild, warm soap solution is recommended (a maximum of 20 minutes in any fluid). Contact with heat, acids, perfumes, hairsprays, and many household commodities can cause loss of iridescence and other types of damage.

Triplets with properly manufactured synthetic spinel or quartz caps may be cleaned, with caution, in ultrasonic cleaners. Warm soap and other mild solutions may also be used, again with caution. Although the cap will protect the Ammolite from scratches, care should be taken to avoid blows that could result in the separation of the bonded layers.

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